Our Sentinel-monitoring-agent is a never-ending background monitor that runs on each customer system or logical partition (LPAR), repeatedly reviewing key status metrics and sending updates throughout the day to Walktec’s production iSeries server at the OnyxEd. These metrics are collated on our iSeries and analysed and presented as a central console view to allow us to monitor for, and automate escalation of, significant events (such as non-receipt of a heartbeat from your systems, or a sudden increase in CPU or ASP etc) independently of your infrastructure.

Real-time event alerting

@Alert is our application and OS event-monitoring solution - a never-ending background monitor that runs on each LPAR, repeatedly reviewing the system history log for events that require escalation. Any OS, ERP or ISV product events that are previously unknown, or known and match any defined selection criteria, will be escalated via e-mail to Walktec support personnel – in most environments these are also escalated in tandem to the customer’s support teams.

@Alert requires that SMTP be correctly configured and active on each LPAR, allowing iSeries-generated e-mails to be sent and delivered to external and internal mail recipients.

Performance reporting

Walktec's KPI Utilities are based on genuine ‘peak’ performance metrics taken directly from native i5/OS Performance reports – the IBM licensed program product PT1 Performance Tools is a prerequisite for the KPI utilities, and must be installed, licensed and configured on each LPAR.

Typically, we configure i5/OS Collection Services to run from just after midnight to just before midnight each day, and each morning we schedule data extraction forwarded on to our production iSeries system at OnyxEd, which collates the data and allows us to produce a tailorable working-set of reports for review and distribution each day, Monday through Friday.